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  • 12AX7WA/7025 Valve: Russian made SOVTEK brand dual triode preamp valve used in countless musical instrument amplifiers and high- end hi- fi equipment.
  • 5881WXT/6L6GC Valve: Russian made SOVTEK brand power tetroder used mainly in musical instrument amplifying applications.
    - Recreates the tone of NOS Mullard (UK) 6L6GC's.
    - Suits socket PS-2080
  • EL34EH/6CA7 Valve: Russian made Electro-Harmonix brand power pentode manufactured to the original Mullard (UK) specifications.As used in many Marshall musical instrument amplifiers and ultralinear output stages of hi-fi amplifiers.
  • AA-0474 Stereo Valve Hybrid Amplifier 2 x 18WRMS: Valves: 2 x 6N1, 2 x 6P15 + solid-state, THD < 0.5%, 300mV sensitivity.
  • 6N1 Valve - Spare Valves for AA-0474: Spare valves for the hybrid amp AA-0474.
  • 6P15 Valve: Spare valves for the hybrid amp AA-0474.